1000hp Mustang Cobra Breaks Mod Nationals Record

1000hp Mustang Cobra Breaks Mod Nationals Record

Going sub 10 seconds in a quarter mile with an IRS suspension and 6 speed transmission takes driving skill and even stronger drivetrain components. Our friend SVT Dan is a loyal customer and one heck of a skilled driver. Dan is also the record holder at the Mod Nationals running 9.29@148MPH. This is a very unique class for the 2003-04 Cobra Mustangs with 6 Speed, IRS and blower only.

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1000hp Mustang Cobra is Mantic Clutch Equipped

This Whipple Powered Cobra is badass at 1000rwhp & 836ftlb all thru an IRS suspension. Our twin disc is utilized to put all the power to the ground and is rated at 850ft-lbs of torque. This car uses a custom unsprung hub for more torque capacity for severe duty usage. 

1000hp Mustang Cobra Whipple Supercharged is Mantic Clutch Equipped

Dan says " I'm team Mantic through and through, and can't thank you all enough for giving me the effortless ability to keep rowing gears to hopefully be the first to break into the eights. The record for years stood at 9.70 until last November at the Mod Nationals race at SGMP with a solid 9.54 et. Geoff at Mantic took awesome care of me on a fresh rebuild just in time to make the race, saving the trip."


1000hp Mustang Cobra Wheelie is Mantic Clutch Equipped

A custom made unsprung ceremetallic twin disc clutch is used to handle all the torque of the 4.6L supercharged Mustang. This specific unit utilized a custom lightweight Fidanza flywheel unique to this application. 

1000hp Mustang Cobra with Lightweight Flywheel is Mantic Clutch Equipped

Mantic Clutch USA is the home to complete billet badass twin and triple disc clutches. Make sure to visit our site or call (919) 500-9460 for more information. 




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