2013 Mustang GT Twin Disc MT-82 Clutch Kit Unboxing, Test Drive

2013 Mustang GT Twin Disc MT-82 Clutch Kit Unboxing, Test Drive

The Mantic Twin Disc is a popular premium upgrade for 6-Speed Mustang Owners. The MT82 transmission is found in the 2011-2017 Mustangs with the 5.0L V8 and requires a more durable clutch when adding power. Our good friend Jacob R. Doty chose our Mantic Clutch due to its reputation to handle more power and remain easy to drive on the street. 

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Mantic Mustang MT82 Upgrade Unboxing, Test Drive

Replacing the stock clutch for our Mantic unit is easy. It goes directly in place of the heavy oem clutch and flywheel for much smoother operation of the MT-82. We also include all necessary bolts, slave cylinder and matched lightweight flywheel. After install, simply bleed the system and start following the proper break in procedure of 300-500 miles of regular “Stop and Go” driving before WOT accelerations or ANY dyno pulls or testing.


 Mantic Mustang MT82 Clutch Upgrade 2011+ Mustang GT

The low air-down stance is perfect on this 2013 Mustang GT. Adding our Mantic twin disc clutch gives this GT the ability to handle more power to match the all those stylish good looks. 

 Mantic Mustang MT82 Clutch Upgrade

If you follow us on Instagram, you know we have a strong relationship with the good people at MGW shifters. Many customers install the proven MGW short throw shifter when adding a Mantic Clutch. It makes a one-time installation much easier by eliminating the junk shifter and weak factory clutch all at the same time. 

Big shout out to our buddy Jacob R. Doty for choosing a Mantic Clutch for his 2013 Mustang GT. 

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