Ben Black Leans On Mantic Clutch USA

Ben Black Leans On Mantic Clutch USA

When you put down power, you need only the best equipment. Not just in your clutch, but in every single part you carefully install before your next performance racing event. Ben Black, from Ben Black Racing is a true believer in Mantic Clutch USA a well as other parts that will remain unnamed. We can't tell you all his secrets!

Ben has been working with Mantic Clutch USA for just about three years now. He has added more power and more torque over the years which requires a clutch that can "keep up!" Since our clutch kit are fully rebuildable, we worked with Ben to accommodate his power and torque needs.

We got a call from Ben a few weeks ago. He was planning out the next few races and needed to give his clutch some ultimate love. After planning with him, we decided to perform a complete rebuild and upgrade to a quad disc clutch for his 1200+ HP 2013 twin turbo Dodge Viper. This new build-out enables Ben to put down up to 2350 ft-lbs of torque; allowing him to tackle maneuvers and situations that he'll get into during racing season.

Check out some of the pictures of the rebuilt clutch, and of course some pictures and videos of this bitchin' Viper that pushes some insane power!




Follow Ben along his journey through his Instagram as well as our pages. We'll keep you in the loop with his progress and get some firsthand feedback from him as he receives his clutch and installs it over the next few weeks.

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