C5 Z06 Project Twin Disc Install by Grassroot Motorsports

C5 Z06 Project Twin Disc Install by Grassroot Motorsports

Long term C5 Corvette project from Grassroots Motorsports added another quality part to the build with a Mantic Clutch USA twin disc clutch. This clutch has a secret weapon, aluminum-titanium drive blocks. Powered by an LS3, this Corvette needed the right amount of weight savings and durability for the track. 

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C5 Z06 Project Mantic Clutch Install Track

Lets talk aluminum-titanium drive blocks. Our brand new never seen before super-lightweight titanium drive blocks are used on the Grassroots Corvette for a few simple reasons. The outermost components of the clutch have the largest impact on rotational moment of inertia. Using the lighter than aluminum titanium drive blocks optimizes the clutch to be as light as possible. The other benefit is that it still will be incredibly strong and durable. 

C5 Z06 Project Twin Disc Install Mantic Clutch Titanium Drive Blocks

The new AL-Ti drive block upgrades will soon be available for all Mantic Clutches that need the lightest possible clutch assembly. For more detailed information, read the Grassroots Motorsports Z06 project Clutch Install and see why they chose our popular twin disc with titanium upgrade. 

C5 Z06 Project Twin Disc Mantic Clutch Install Package

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