Deep Purple 1970 Challenger SEMA Build

Deep Purple 1970 Challenger SEMA Build

Project “Highway Star” is a 1970 Dodge Challenger with a mix of Viper and Hellcat parts. The goal is to create a vehicle that turns, stops and accelerates on a world class level. This will be achieved by combining the timeless lines of the ’70 Challenger with track proven Viper suspension and a powerful Hellcat 6.2 HEMI engine. This is one car that will get a lot of attention. 

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Mantic Equipped 1970 Challenger SEMA Build Photos


Car Events


  • SEMA 2020 is just the beginning!
  • Silver State Classic Challenger
  • Big Bend Open Road Race
  • SCCA Time Trials and Time Trials Nationals
  • Virginia City Hillclimb
  • Sandhills Open Road Race
  • Super Lap Battle Time Attack
  • And many more!

Using the Hellcat 6.2L supercharged engine is a no brainer. Our Mantic Clutch triple disc for the Hellcat was chosen to connect the horsepower to ground.



Car Details:

  • Read about the Highway Star 1970 Challenger SEMA project
  • Viper Chassis stretched approx.. 13” to match the Challenger Body
  • Challenger fenders widened more than 1.5 inches each, bringing the total added width to almost 4”
  • Custom made hood made to clear engine components, built from R/T hood
  • Frame sourced from total loss, fire damaged Viper
  • 1970 Challenger body from badly rusted and poorly restored basket case. No Mopars were killed to create this beast!
  • Car will feature a sparse interior with full roll cage, driver and passenger seats, a factory-style dash with Stewart Warner gauges, 6 point harnesses and a fire suppression system
  • All fabrication including frame, body, roll cage, headers and exhaust is done in house
  • The vehicle will roll on Viper-spec wheels and tires, with 12” wide tires up front and 13” wide tires in back, 295/30R18 and 335/30z18, that’s some serious rubber
  • Upgraded Viper coil overs, brakes, cooking and aerodynamic enhancements as well as a functional splitter, diffuser and spoiler
  • The project name, Highway Star, is a song by Deep Purple




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