Mantic ER2 Clutch - Groovey Technology Explained

Mantic ER2 Clutch - Groovey Technology Explained

The ER2 single disc clutch is designed to transmit more torque and better cooling. Choose the Mantic ER2 clutch if your looking for a single disc with more capacity then a stock OEM clutch. Its the patented Groove design and dual friction material to make this a smooth driving clutch kit with extra torque capacity. Optional all ceremetallic friction material for max performance applications. 

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Mantic ER2 Clutch Groove Technology


The ER2 offers a mix of organic and ceremetallic friction material making it the best of both worlds. Perfect for the the N/A build or the vehicle that needs a better than stock clutch with added durability but doesn't want to upgrade to a twin disc.

Mantic ER2 Clutch Disc and Flywheel Kit  

ER2 Features

  • Dual face Organic / Ceremetallic Disc
  • 60% more torque than a standard clutch kit
  • Patented ERgroove design
  • Better cooling of the pressure plate
  • Higher coefficient of friction materials
  • Organic facing ring in contact with the pressure plate 
  • Segmented ceremetallic facing on the flywheel side

Complete Kit Includes

  • ER2 Grooved Pressure Plate
  • Single Disc Clutch
  • Organic/Ceremetallic or Ceremetallic/Ceremetallic
  • Steel or Aluminum Flywheel
  • Adapter Bearing
  • Bolts - Flywheel and Pressure Plate 

It features the patented groove design we call ER2, which is CNC machined on the friction face of the pressure plate. Capable of transmitting greater than 60% more torque than a standard clutch kit, Mantic Street with ER2 is suitable for high performance vehicles. Perfect upgrade for any vehicle that wants more holding power than the stock clutch but isn't ready for a dual disc setup. 

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