Mach 1 Mustang uses Tremec TR-3160 from GT350

The new Mach 1 Mustang looks aggressive, with many components being used from the Shelby GT350 models. Recently Ford announced this 2021 limited edition Mustang is available with two transmission options. Rated at 480hp from the 5.0L coyote, it comes standard with a 6-Speed Tremec TR-3160 which is normally found in the Shelby GT350. We are excited Ford got down to business and did away with the MT-82 trans as its not the best performance option. The optional 10-speed is optional but it doesn't do anything for us since we are all about #savethemanuals here at Mantic Clutch USA. 

Mach 1 Clutch Options (Coming Soon)

Twin Disc Ceremetallic 

Twin Disc Organic

Triple Disc Ceremetallic

Mantic Mach 1 Blue Mustang Side View

Looking back at previous Mach 1 Mustangs, many are disappointed the new 2021 model isn't using a shaker style hood. We do like the graphics package, it fits the look and feel of the car. 

Mantic Mustang Mach 1 Blue Shaker Hood

We are happy Ford decided to keep the white shift knob as found in the Mustang Bullitt models. Using the Tremec 3160 is solid for stock horsepower and will hold up to basic upgrades like superchargers, turbo or nitrous power adders. Our twin disc clutch and flywheel will be lighter than stock and add more durability for high horsepower options. For better than stock customers, our Mantic organic clutch for the Mach 1 will be sufficient for most and still much more durable than the OEM stock unit. 

Mantic Mustang Mach 1 White 6-speed Shifter Knob

Ford is offering 7 colors for the 2021 Mach 1 Mustang. After browsing the offerings, our favorite is an appearance package that only comes in Fighter Jet Gray. The super cool orange accents give a one off look, this will be our choice, definitely not a fan of the Grabber Yellow option.

Mantic Mach 1 Mustang Fighter Jet Gray 


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