Mantic 9000 Clutch vs McLeod RXT / RST

Mantic 9000 Clutch vs McLeod RXT / RST

The Mantic 9000 twin disc clutch comparison to the McLeod RXT/RST is common since both are popular clutches. There are some major variances between the two, for example the Mantic Clutch kits include the flywheel, bearing and all install hardware. Lets dive into the benefits and comparison data between the two twin disc kits. 


 Basics of a 9000 Series Clutch 

The Mantic twin is available in either organic or ceremetallic material with either a lightened steel or aluminum flywheel.

The Mantic 9000 is shipped ready to go and is packaged as a complete set that includes a matched flywheel, throwout bearing, alignment tool and all necessary hardware for the installation, even new bolts!! 

Mantic 9000 Clutch Carrying Case


The Mantic twin disc uses a number of billet components for precise tolerances in manufacturing designed for seamless clutch operation at high temperatures. This means there is minimal flexing when compared to our competitors stamped and cast components. 


Features & Benefits Compared 


Mantic 9000 Twin Disc McLeod RXT RST

  • Mantic Premium Organic or Ceremetallic friction material for smooth drivability (vs lower quality organic & ceramic)
  • Mantic Sprung Hub Discs make for a quiet idle (vs noisy solid hubs)
  • Mantic Light Pedal Effort is similar to the OE clutch it replaces
  • Mantic LOWER Moment of Inertia means more power to the ground
  • Mantic Billet Clutch Cover does not deflect under heavy usage (vs stamped steel cover which can flex)
  • Mantic Billet Steel Pressure Ring is lighter and rebuildable, machined to a specific tolerance (vs a heavy cast pressure ring)
  • Mantic Billet Steel Drive blocks are used for added stability between the discs (vs flexible drive straps that can buckle under deceleration)
  • Mantic Anti-Rattle Springs for quiet operation
  • Mantic Lightened Billet Flywheel is included as a matched set (vs purchasing a separate flywheel)

Mantic Clutches are preferred by the most discerning professionals due to precise engineering and strict manufacturing tolerances. From 100 to 1000+ horsepower, Mantic is THE BEST CHOICE for your next performance clutch upgrade. 

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What clutch would you recommend to go with a TKX transmission with around 650hp and a 250 shot of nitrous

Dwayne White

I am gna be very blunt and very upfront about these three clutches, as I have had all three in my twin turbo 2016 built petty edition mustang. To start off with we put a Ram 900 series twin disc for a T56 built magnum XL my car has two 62 mm precision turbos amd is a a helion sleeper kit the boost controller has 3 power levels 900rw 11 lbs 1100rw16lbs and 1400rw @23lbs
Last setting has about 1200 lbs of torque so the Ram clutch is only good to 1100 that’s it anything more it blows right thru next we installed a mcloud twin disc 1200 RXT Same thing as the Ram tunrned it up to 1400 amd it blew right through it but help up better than the ram as far as drivetrain vibration both of them had some but i would say the ram had more so I am nit 100% sure but as far as clutches go for street use these are the best Mcloud and Ram have to offer now when it comes to the mantic triple disc that we just installed I am still at the initial break in period but as far as peddle effort goes this clutch has very minimal and shifts very smooth it’s not notchy at all and the clutch peddle is very easy not I am pretty sure as the mantic dealer I amd my mechanic worked hand in hand with (Geoffe Gerko) who by the way is very knowledgeable and is just great but I am sure this clutch is gna gold up just fine to the high horsepower of this car as a matter of fact we are gna turn up the boost just a little more and try for 1500rw I will update but so far in my opinion far superior to ram and mcloud only time will tell though.

Brent Lash

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