Mantic Clutch Celebrates National Corvette Day

Mantic Clutch Celebrates National Corvette Day

The Corvette is the iconic American Muscle Car with big V8 muscle and stunning good looks. National Corvette day is June 30th, so lets celebrate raw horsepower. Please use discount code: FREESHIP to receive free shipping on all Mantic Clutch Kits. 

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Mantic C7 Red Corvette Burnout

The availability of a manual transmission is another feature that makes the Corvette a true muscle car. At Mantic clutch, we are all about the slogan #savethemanuals, we know the days of shifting your own gears with V8 power wont last forever. Many of our customers are hardcore enthusiasts and dont fear giving their car a good beating on the street or at the track. From superchargers to turbo systems, we have the right clutch for the job. 

Check out this Blue ZR1 Corvette, customer runs our quad disc clutch and performance matched flywheel. 

Mantic ZR1 Corvette Track Launch with Quad Disc Clutch

Corvette owners take all forms, from mild street applications to full bore race cars. Looks can be deceiving, even if it looks stock there might be serious power under the hood. Our good customer "DETOXX" lays the claim to the 1st D1X Procharged C6 Corvette and of course its equipped with a Mantic clutch. 

Mantic C6 Procharged D1X Corvette

Winning is what we do on many levels. This C6 ZR1 launches a quick 1.46 sec 60-foot time and is Mantic Clutch equipped to lay down all the supercharger torque. Our clutch kits love forced induction power, the friction material is made for instant grab and high torque applications. 

Mantic C6 ZR1 Corvette Drag Strip Launch

Enough drag racing for now, this one is for the road race crowd. Peitz Performance abuses our Twin Disc clutch with a 770RWHP badass C7 Corvette. You may have seen it at the SEMA show, but you will likely find it many autocross events attempting faster lap times. Latest feedback is the clutch is doing great during the repeated on and off that is seen from road race applications. Pretty good for an off-the-shelf clutch kit.

Mantic C7 Corvette Autocross Twin Disc Clutch

Point of the story is we love Corvettes, even cooler we get to be a part of National Corvette Day and have many satisfied customers. From C5 - C7 Corvette, we have you covered. Check out our full lineup of GM performance clutch and flywheel kits. 


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