Organic or Ceremetallic Clutch Material, Whats Best?

At Mantic Clutch USA we offer two main types of clutch material, organic and ceremetallic. Each of the materials serve a direct purpose for driving style and horsepower range. Both are friendly on the street and allow a strong advantage over the stock OE style clutches. Lets go over a few of the features and benefits to help determine which is best for your application. 



Perfect for the everyday driver with more power than stock offering smooth engagement and release. An organic clutch will stand up to hard use, but it won’t be able to take repeated heavy abuse because it will overheat. If you track the car frequently, choose the ceremetallic material. Break in period is around 300-500 miles. Features more torque capacity and heat resistance than stock while retaining excellent drivability and its easy on the leg. Great for N/A, turbo, supercharger or nitrous depending on usage.

Torque Capacity at Crank: 600

Torque Capacity at Wheels: 500-525


Organic Clutch ~ Mantic Clutch USA



More aggressive than organic but it serves the purpose with higher capacity and more durability. This is our most popular option and is the favorite friction material for those who drive their car daily yet head to the track on the weekends. Most who choose the ceremetallic option are normally forced induction, nitrous or turbo applications, even the bigger N/A cars frequently choose this more durable option. 

Pedal effort remains relatively low, approximately 12-15% increase over the OE clutch pedal feel yet the strength in material is still capable for any heavy duty usage. Due to the type of material, this clutch will almost bite down instantly, perfect for quick precise shifting to help maintain RPM levels and keep power to the ground. Break in period is 500+ miles, depending on driving conditions.

Torque Capacity at Crank: 1000-1010

Torque Capacity at Wheels: 820-850


Ceremetallic Clutch ~ Mantic Clutch USA


Which Clutch Should I Buy? 

When choosing a clutch you should always select the friction material that fits your needs based on power levels, type of driving and future goals. Our organic material will handle a wide variety of uses, including daily street driving and with limited racing. Ceremetallic is the most durable option for the serious builds that require the best clutch without upgrading to a full race style system. If your running a supercharger, heads & cams, single/twin turbo or even the fun loving nitrous, we suggest running the ceremetallic material!! 


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