Solid Hub Twin Disc Upgrade on Finnegan's C10 / LT4 Truck

Solid Hub Twin Disc Upgrade on Finnegan's C10 / LT4 Truck

The Clutch Guy aka Geoff, updated the C10 twin disc clutch of Mike Finnegan's Fan Page from a sprung hub to a solid hub for added strength. To get things back in working order, Geoff brought a new clutch and did a thorough install measuring the finger height, proper air gap and then making sure all the discs and billet plates move properly when operating the clutch pedal. Should handle the 1000ft burnouts much better now!! ( scroll down the see the video )

Geoff Gerko aka the Clutch Guy from Mantic Clutch USA

We had a great time helping on this clutch setup, seems like the You Tube fans enjoyed it as much as we did. The comment section is off the wall...

“I know we just met but stroke it a couple times for me!!!!”
"We need more clutch guy. Pure gold. Hire him for the channel"
"I could learn anything from the clutch guy. His voice and mannerisms are priceless."   

Changing to a solid hub won't effect drivability but will add to the overall hub strength of the clutch system which is ideal for the amount of the power the supercharged LT4 lays down. If you haven't seen already, Mike likes to make his C10 do long winded burnouts for fun. 
Finnegan's C10 truck long burnout
Twin Disc Clutch with Solid Hub for Finnegan's C10 Truck with LT4 Engine
Solid Hub Twin Disc Upgrade for Finnegan's C10 Truck
As part of the install process, we needed to measure the finger height at the pressure plate of the used clutch and then compare it to stock measurements. 
Tech Note: To determine if your Mantic clutch needs a rebuild, you can check the friction material thickness. NEW is 0.300 - 0.306, WORN is 0.255 - 0.260 thickness. Its time to send it back for rebuild if the discs are worn down to the 0.255 mark. 
Pressure Plate Measurement Finger Height
Oh and btw, the 6xdgearbox is one wicked sequential trans and basically runs GForce GSR internals. 
6xd Sequential Transmission 6 Speed with Billet Internals GForce GSR
Around the 14 min mark, meet " The Clutch Guy " 
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