Subaru WRX STi Twin Disc Clutch and Install Pics

The Subaru Impreza WRX and Sti models use a boxer style engine and with great success. The flat layout of the Boxer engine allows engine output to flow directly into the transmission which reduces inefficiencies, resulting in better fuel economy. This unique design is used in all Subaru models including the Impreza, Legacy and Outback models. Subaru models like the WRX and STi scream performance with Turbo versions of the boxer and have a very popular following in the aftermarket performance world. 

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Here at Mantic Clutch USA, our customers demanded we make an extremely durable twin disc clutch to match the performance and durability of the proven Subaru Boxer engines. We listened and took the opportunity to engineer a clutch and flywheel kit for the WRX and STi performance crowd. 

Our new Subaru clutch can handle up to 1000 ft-lbs torque at the crank and is completely rebuildable for long term use. This is the last clutch you will need to purchase. The all Billet construction ensures precise engineering and no flex at high rpm. 

Mantic Subaru WRX STi Twin Disc Clutch & Flywheel Kit

Subaru Clutch Features

  • SFI Approved 1.1
  • Engineered for High RPM duty
  • All Billet Construction - No Flex at High RPM
  • Light Pedal Feel, Easy to Drive
  • All in One Complete Kit
  • Lightened Steel Flywheel
  • Completely Rebuildable
  • High Horsepower, High Torque Capacity 

The Mantic Clutch for the Subaru is truly a piece of engineering artwork. Made for high durability and high rpm usage, there is no other clutch like it on the market. 

Mantic Subaru Impreza Clutch Install

Mantic Subaru Impreza Clutch Installed Boxer Engine

Mantic Subaru Boxer Impreza Twin Disc Clutch Install

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