Twin Turbo 1200HP Viper uses Triple Disc Mantic Clutch

Twin Turbo 1200HP Viper uses Triple Disc Mantic Clutch

A little over 1200 hp and about 20psi of boost make this a show stopper at the track and on the street. Mantic USA Triple Disc holds down the power!

1200hp Dodge Viper Twin Turbo

Mantic 2008+ Dodge Viper Clutch Kits

The 2008-2017 Dodge Vipers are awesome from the factory with an outstanding V10 motor. If you upgraded your engine for more horsepower and torque, this is the clutch kit for you. With the ability to hold up to 1250-1285 ft-lbs torque at the wheels and maintain an OE pedal feel, this is one serious system. The Mantic USA twin and triple disc upgrades for the 4th and 5th Gen Viper are perfect for any supercharged, turbo, nitrous or N/A built engines.

Mantic 1200hp Viper Triple Disc Clutch

Mantic Clutch Features

  • SFI Approved 1.1 All Billet Construction
  • No Flex at High RPM
  • High Horsepower and Torque Capacity
  • Light Pedal Feel
  • Street or Strip Capabilities
  • All in One Complete Kit
  • Lightened Matched Flywheel
  • Completely Rebuildable

Twin Turbo 1200hp Viper Dyno Tuning with Mantic Triple Disc Clutch

1200hp Viper Dyno Sheet Mantic Triple Disc Clutch Equipped


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