Twin Turbo Datsun 510 runs Mantic Clutch Twin Disc

Small car, big power and AWD make this Datsun 510 super cool in our world. Sporting a 3.0L RB Nissan engine and a Mantic twin disc clutch and matched flywheel, this is one badass build. The Mantic was chosen for the ultimate in durability and proven performance for big horsepower applications. Featuring a R32 GTR driveline, this will be a fun car to drive no doubt. Running a compound turbo setup provides tons of low-end torque, a very strong mid-range and blazing top-end performance. 

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Mantic Datsun 510 Twin Turbo Build

Mantic Datsun 510 Twin Turbo Clutch

Mantic Datsun 510 Twin Turbo Transmission

Making this car even more unique is the compound turbo built around the proven Nissan 3.0L RB inline 6cyl engine and modified R32 GTR AWD drivetrain. 

Mantic Datsun 510 Twin Disc Clutch Installed Nissan RB

Mantic Datsun 510 Clutch Pedal Assembly

Mantic Datsun 510 Twin Turbo Nissan RB Engine

Mantic Datsun 510 with Nissan RB Engine AWD GTR Transmssion

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