Viper 1400hp Build uses Mantic Triple Disc Clutch

At Mantic Clutch USA, we are privileged to work with a number of high end performance builds for anything from road race, drag race or even SEMA show cars. When Radical Speed contacted us about their 1400hp Viper build for the TX2K, we both new our clutch would solve their problem. 

Mantic Viper Triple Disc Clutch Install - Radical Speed

Mantic Clutch kits use a sprung hub center which makes daily driving a twin or triple disc clutch very easy and smooth. For custom applications mainly used for racing, we can upgrade to an optional solid hub for those who consistently launch at high rpm. 

The Dodge Viper clutches we build can handle up to 1500hp and use our ceremetallic friction material for extended wear capabilities. Lightweight flywheels allow a quick transfer of power and hit the RPMs a little quicker. Since Mantic is a 9in clutch assembly, the ability to bite between gears is amazing, it will almost grab instantly. 

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Mantic Viper Triple Disc Clutch and Flywheel Kit


Radical Speed did a great job of showcasing our 100 Billet 100 Badass Viper clutch. Be sure to follow them along as prep and race the TX2K. 

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