Throwout Bearings

All our Mantic Clutch Kits include the proper throwout bearing per application. Each throwout bearing, hydraulic or mechanical is designed for exact fitment per application. Featuring a factory style connector, this replacement Hydraulic Slave Cylinder by Mantic USA is made to the original factory specifications with premium quality components for compatibility with all DOT 3 & 4 brake fluids.

Restores Positive Shifts. Improve the shifting power of your manual transmission by replacing your old worn out factory Hydraulic Slave Cylinder with a brand new direct fit replacement from Mantic Clutch for firm positive shifts.

Glossary of Terms

Bearing: Clutch thrust (release) bearing. O.E.(Original Equipment) type fitment. No hydraulics.

Bearing: Radial Face: Release bearing with rolled type face rather than flat face where bearing contacts the diaphragm. No hydraulics.

Concentric Slave Cylinder: (CSC) Hydraulic release bearing mounted to the front of the gearbox inside the bell housing. (Usually an O.E. component).(The CSC bolts directly to the front of the gearbox inside the bell housing.)

Release Bearing: The bearing that pushes on the diaphragm to enable the clutch to release. In certain applications, a Concentric Slave Cylinder (CSC) is used instead of a bearing and throw-out lever system.




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