Clutch Break In Procedure

CLUTCH “BEDDING IN” Instructions

Mantic Organic and Cerametallic clutches are a premium performance option and require a specific break in procedure for proper operation. Please follow the same procedure for our 9000 series clutch kits and our ER2 single disc clutch kits.

The proper break in procedure is highly important to the operation, longevity and overall performance of the clutch. To gain the maximum torque capacity from the clutch, it must be given ample time to “Bed, or Wear In”. This allows for some of the friction material to transfer from the discs to the intermediate plates and Flywheel surface. Provides a uniform coefficient of friction for the entire clutch.

We recommend as much “Stop and Go” driving as possible. Simple around town driving is best. Vehicles are best to see 300-500 miles of regular “Stop and Go” driving before WOT accelerations or ANY dyno pulls or testing.

Failure to bed the clutch in may result in glazing of the material, causing shudder, slippage and noise during operation.

Dyno Time

ALWAYS get the break in miles on the clutch first, going straight to the dyno on a new clutch VOIDS the warranty. We suggest running a safe tune, drive the vehicle around to properly bed in the clutch, after the 500 miles, head to the dyno. We know this is an extra step for your build but its necessary to have the clutch operate and function as engineered for best performance. 

Failing to properly “Bed, or Wear In” the clutch will immediately void any warranty on the clutch. Read our Warranty Policy 

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