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Clutch Rebuild and Triple Disc Upgrade

Mantic Clutches are fully serviceable and completely rebuildable. This is a popular alternative for worn out clutch discs and flywheels. Also, we can easily convert an existing twin disc clutch to a triple disc clutch. For those with a total change of heart, we can convert your organic friction material to ceremetallic for extended durability. If you want to upgrade your transmission, we also do spline conversions during our rebuild process. See our Mantic Clutch Rebuild Video Series 


Rebuilt Clutch Details

  • All Receive New Friction Material or New Discs
  • Re-Machined Intermediate Plates 
  • Flywheel is Re-Machined and Balanced 
  • New Hardware
  • Assembled and Fully Tested


Tech Note: To determine if your Mantic clutch needs a rebuild, you can check the friction material thickness. NEW is 0.300 - 0.306, WORN is 0.255 - 0.260 thickness. Its time to send it back for rebuild if the discs are worn down to the 0.255 mark. 


General Rebuild Cost *

  • Single Disc Rebuild = $385 - $535
  • Single Disc Flywheel Re-Machine = $185
  • Twin Disc Rebuild / Spline Conversion = $850 - $1050
  • Twin Disc to Triple Upgrade = $1650 - $1850
  • Twin Disc to Quad Upgrade=  $1800+
  • Triple Disc Rebuild / Spline Conversion = $1250 - $1350
  • Triple Disc to Quad Upgrade = $1700+
  • Spline Conversions = Cost of Rebuild, Twin or Triple
  • Flywheel Resurface = $155 + Shipping  
  • Sintered Iron Friction Upgrade = $350 + Cost of Rebuild
  • (Sintered Iron is for hardcore, massive horsepower, aggressive driving)


    All rebuilds subject to inspection and may require more parts / labor to repair.  Pricing subject to change at our discretion.

    ** Estimated turn around time is 3-5 weeks and does not including shipping times.

    RMA Request Info

    RMA Number must be assigned BEFORE sending parts. A $125 charge will be added to packages received without an RMA number. 

    Required: Email  prior to sending any Clutch to receive official RMA Number 
    Info: Name, Address, State, Zip Code, Year, Make, Model, Transmission, Work Needed (re-spline, rebuild, etc)

    NEW Shipping Address 

    Mantic Clutch USA Rebuilds
    1222 E 38th St
    Chattanooga, TN 37407


    Mantic Clutch Rebuild and Triple Disc Conversions


    How the rebuild process works?

    Our "War and Back" series of videos explains the step by step process of how we re-machine and rebuild Mantic clutches. Watch as we take a worn out clutch, pressure plate and flywheel and make them all new!