1500HP Shelby GT350 Build uses Mantic Clutch Kit

1500HP Shelby GT350 Build uses Mantic Clutch Kit

The Shelby GT350 is a powerhouse in stock form, but we all know most of these cars will not stay stock for long. Our good friends over at ItsJusta6 decided to add a twin turbo kit from Hellhorse Performance to give their GT350 more boost. At this point, the stock Ford clutch and flywheel wont have the ability to handle all the power. So they called the experts from Mantic Clutch USA for one of our premier GT350 clutch and flywheel kits.

Mantic Shelby GT350 Clutch and Flywheel Kit


The Mantic heavy duty clutch was chosen for its extreme durability and proven performance at the track and on the street. Using all billet aluminum allows us to maintain strict tolerances throughout the build process to ensure consistency for better performance. The lightweight flywheel allows the RPMs to come in quicker, keeping the 5.2L power in the sweet spot. The 9 inch diameter clutch size greatly reduces the MOI (Moment of Inertia). This allows more power to be put to the ground as well as quicker more precise shifts when compared to the heavier stock clutch and flywheel.


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The Mantic Twin Disc for the Shelby GT350 is the most popular and will easily handle 820-850 Ft-Lbs Torque at the Wheels. Great for daily driver or any hardcore use.  Learn More 

Mantic M921VUDO Shelby GT350 Twin Disc Clutch

The Mantic Triple Disc for the Shelby GT350 is the most popular with the big horsepower builds and will easily handle 1250-1285  Ft-Lbs Torque at the Wheels. Perfect for supercharger, turbo and nitrous cars. Learn More

Mantic Shelby GT350 Triple Disc Clutch and Flywheel

The Mantic Twin Disc with organic friction material for the Shelby GT350 is popular for customers looking for a stock replacement clutch with more capacity. Great for minor bolt-ons and street driving. Learn More

Mantic M921VUDO-WB Shelby GT350 Twin Disc Clutch and Flywheel



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