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Mantic Clutch USA

Adjustable Clutch Pedal Stop - Bolt On

Adjustable Clutch Pedal Stop - Bolt On

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Mantic USA custom adjustable pedal stop limits travel of the clutch pedal to prevent excessive over travel of the pressure plate. By reducing the amount of travel needed to disengage the clutch, you gain consistency launching your vehicle.  The adjustable pedal stop works by stopping the clutch pedal at the proper point, just before clutch engagement.



  • Bolt-On Easy Install
  • Universal Design
  • Fits all Mantic Clutch Kits
  • Pedal Stop proper adjustment clutch pedal adjustment which
  • Prevents over-stroking the clutch assembly
  • Prevent clutch and pressure plate damage
  • Solves the "clutch will not release" problem
  • Includes universal mounting hardware
  • Ideal for use with floor-mounted? or firewall-mounted pedals?


The Problem

Improper adjustment will cause over-stroking, which in turn will cause significant damage to the clutch assembly because the throw-out bearing will push the diaphragm spring into the disc, damaging the diaphragm spring, the throw-out bearing, and bending the discs. The clutch will then not release, requiring replacement of all the damaged parts, removal of transmission etc..


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