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Mantic Clutch USA

Clutch Alignment Tool Steel 1-1/8x26

Clutch Alignment Tool Steel 1-1/8x26

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 Precision clutch alignment for precision built clutches. The Mantic Clutch Alignment tool is made from Billet Steel and is more accurate than standard plastic tools. Accuracy is improved for the most precise clutch alignment, best for serious performance builds. 

  • Steel clutch alignment tool
  • More precise alignment than plastic
  • Longer splines for multi disc clutches
  • One piece handle for ease of install and removal
  • Spline: 1-1/18x26
  • Fits all Single, Twin, Triple or Quad clutches
  • Made in USA
  • Part Number: MALN-11826


Mantic Clutch Alignment Tool Steel 1-1/18x26

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