Toyota Clutch Kit - 2005 Hilux, 4 Runner

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The Mantic 4WD Toyota Clutch kit has a number of features which make the product distinctly new. The direct fit kit is designed with off-road drivers in mind. Perfect for the Toyota 4 Runner Hilux owners that require a heavy duty clutch that is easy to drive yet more durable than stock. Great for towing, trail riding, larger tires or any daily driven applications. 

Complete Kit Includes :
Single Disc Clutch - Organic/Aramide Material
New Mechanical Release Bearing

Heavy Duty Clutch Cover:

The cover assembly’s pressure plate is manufactured from Spheroidal Graphite casting material which has a yield strength 300% higher than standard castings. The materials microstructure also improves heat dispersion. The cover assembly also incorporates greater Clamp Load than a standard cover assembly. This translates to more torque transfer. This casting material has not been used in this application previously and is especially useful in 4WD applications where higher clutch operating temperatures and load transfer are experienced and required i.e. Purposeful clutch system slipping for off road situations, towing and maneuvering external vehicle payloads like trailers and caravans. 

Unique Friction Material:

The clutch kit’s clutch disc has a unique flywheel side friction material. The Aramide friction material exhibits 50% less wear than a conventional clutch disc’s friction material. This material also reduces the effects of fade. Fade is the decline in the clutch system’s ability to transmit torque as the operating temperature increases. This feature in combination with the previously mentioned micro-structure of spheroidal graphite casting allows the clutch kit to dissipate heat far more effectively, allowing the clutch to run cooler for longer. The aramide friction material is arranged on the flywheel side of the clutch disc in a segmented fashion. The arrangement of the geometric form of each of the segments increases the Mean Effective Radius (Rm) of the clutch disc. By increasing the Rm the clutch the transmittable torque increases.

Toyota Hilux / 4 Runner 03/2005 to GGN15 5 Speed 4.0L MPFI 1GR-FE
Toyota Hilux / 4 Runner 03/2005 to GGN25 5 Speed 4.0L MPFI 1GR-FE

Disc No Teeth: 21
Disc Spline: 1-1/8" ( 29.0mm)
Disc Type: Sprung Centre Cushioned

Mantic Part Number: 4WD2348