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Mantic Clutch USA

Drifting Clutch Kit - Mantic Clutch USA

Drifting Clutch Kit - Mantic Clutch USA

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Only the best drivers in the business drift with Mantic Clutch USA. When you're putting down constant power, your clutch is the direct connection between you and the ground below you. Whether you're casually drifting on the weekends or your build is designed for winning on the track, we've got the clutch for you.

Use the data below for choosing the right clutch kit for your build.

Dual Purpose Drift Kit
  • Choose your motor and choose the Ceremetallic friction material
  • It's ready for 1000 crank & 820 RWHP.
  • REQUIRES 300-500 miles of break-in.

Dedicated Drift Car Kit
  • Choose your motor and choose the Sintered Iron friction material.
  • It's ready for 1200 crank and 1000 RWHP. The Sintered Iron option is pretty much ready to go out of the box!
  • REQUIRES 100 miles of break-in.

Coyote Spline Options

- 23 Spline is for the MT82 / OE Transmission.

- 26 Spline is for an Aftermarket upgrade / T56 Magnum or Calimer Upgrade.

Technical Notes
Before drifting like you're meant to, refer to and abide by the break-in procedures to avoid any damage. Read our break-in procedures here. 
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