2JZ Clutch Kits and 2JZ Swap Kits at Mantic Clutch USA

The 2JZ clutch kits have finally arrived at Mantic USA. Long overdue to hit the streets, we have confirmed fitment and usage for the Toyota 1990-2007 2JZ engines in the MK3 Supra,  MK4 Supra. Now also available is the 2JZ Swap Clutch Kits using the popular Tremec T56 transmission. This kit has the right setup including the proper Quick Time RM 4030 Bellhousing. 

2JZ Twin Disc Clutch Kit 

2JZ Swap Twin Disc Clutch Kit 

Mantic 2JZ Toyota Clutch and Flywheel Kits

Complete 2JZ swap kit includes the proper clutch setup and bellhousing to upgrade a Tremec T56 or TR6060 behind a Toyota 2JZ engine. Now you can put a proven durable aftermarket Tremec trans behind your 2JZ motor. Popular combo for any 2JZ swap. 

Twin Disc Clutch Toyota 2JZ to T56 Swap Kit RM-4030 Bellhousing


The Mantic Advantage

Our Mantic Clutch kit uses the unique sprung center with cushioned twin disc design. This equates to more torque capacity and heat resistance while retaining excellent drivability. The Mantic twin disc clutches also use 9" diameter discs that greatly reduces the MOI (Moment of Inertia). This allows more power to the ground as well as quicker more precise shifts. The lightweight flywheel revs quicker compared to the heavier OE flywheels.The billet red cover and supporting components are machined from billet stock adding strength and durability. Billet will not flex under heavy load like the typical weaker stamped steel kits. See how our Mantic Clutch compares to other clutches by reading our Mantic Clutch Comparison Article 


The clutch is modular in construction for ease of service and is completely rebuildable. See our Rebuild Info, this is the last clutch you will ever need to buy! 

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