Mantic Clutch Install - Ford MT82 6-Speed Transmission

Mantic Clutch Install - Ford MT82 6-Speed Transmission

The MT82 manual 6-speed transmission is found in the popular Ford 2011-2018 Mustang GT. Although its great for stock applications, when more power is added, the stock clutch quickly becomes a weak link. Our Mantic 9000 series clutch kits are the top choice for replacement due to stock like drive ability and light pedal feel along with a high torque capacity. Mantic clutch kits use a sprung hub design that makes a smooth engagement for any daily driver or heavy track use. 

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Many car enthusiasts attempt their own clutch upgrade at home. It can be done with basic hand tools and is a great time to spend the day with your best friends. 

Watch this video from our good friend Alejandro Flores as he takes us through his step-by-step install of our Mantic Twin disc for the Ford Mustang GT. #YDBT 

Note: All Mantic clutch kits include the Flywheel, T/O Bearing and all necessary hardware for install. 




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